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Worship at The Federated Church of Kerhonkson

Building a Sacred Community and Disciples of Christ Jesus

At The Federated Church of Kerhonkson, we seek to connect to people to the heart of God in our community. Our goal is to inspire you through the holiness of our dwelling and prayer services. Become a part of our growing congregation in Kerhonkson.


Prayer Schedule

Worship With Us


Prayers During & Separate From Service

During service we invite the congregation to voice prayer requests. The leader of service compiles our reasons of gratitude, which we refer to as our “joys” and our petitions, which we refer to as our “concerns.” As a group of believers, we pray together rejoicing in our thanksgiving and supporting each other in our faith.  

We have created a “prayer chain” for prayer requests close to our hearts that should not wait till service. The chain is a list of inducted members that volunteer to participate in this activity. Once the individual has made notification to the church that a prayer is needed, the first person on the “chain” prays and then calls the next person on the list. And so forth till everyone has prayer the individual and situation.

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Passing of the Cross

At our church we have a tradition of selecting one person per service to wear a cross necklace all week till the following Sunday service. A guest during service gets picked by the previous individual selected the week prior. The individual picks the next person as the Spirit moves them. During service, the congregation lifts their hands towards the individual and the leader of service gives a special prayer over the individual for the week ahead. The congregation vows to pray for that individual throughout the course of the week. The recipient vows to come back to service the following week and select a new recipient.

This is a continuing cycle that we believe builds us closer in relationship, strengthens our spirit, and is an act of expressing love (Ephesians 3:14-19). For it is written, “…pray for one another…” in James 5:16. Jesus himself modeled how we should pray for one another including praying for our faith (Luke 22:32), against temptation in our lives (Luke 22:40), for unity (John 17:11), and our sanctification (John 17:17).

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Sunday Service

Sunday service is held at 35 42nd St. Kerhonkson at 11 am. Our services are live streamed via our Facebook page. Videos of service can be viewed any time from our Facebook page including previous services. All are welcome to join us in person or watch online conveniently at your leisure!

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"Everything should be done in love."

1 Corinthians 16:14

Apostle Paul

Contact Us

35 42 Nd St, Kerhonkson, NY 12446, USA

(845) 626-8160

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